Women’s Information Network (WIN) hosting three (3) of the 1500 Global Women’s Summits in Lawrenceville, Decatur, and Stone Mountain, Georgia in 2012.

The WIN will host 1500 summits in 153 counties in 2012. The objective of each summit is to educate and employer women to become strong leaders in their communities and nations; set and reach goals, overcome life obstacles, and reach out to help other women. Three critical initiatives that are important to all women across the world will be discussed. They are:
·Acknowledging similarities and respect differences
·Strengthening women’s roles for increased peace and development , worldwide
·Living in dignity and contributing to the well-being of women and families, worldwide.

The information gathered from each summit will be collected and presented at the United Nations to lobby for better education, employment and higher quality of life for the women of the world.