Onoxa is an online private-label manufacturer that empowers spa and salon owners, dermatologists, hospitality entrepreneurs and independent beauty professionals to create and customize their own line of custom-branded skincare products. With a first-of-its kind, intuitive online interface, the Onoxa website enables visitors create unique samples in seconds, order their complete line in minutes and begin selling their custom brand in just days.

At Onoxa, our goal is to make it super-simple for people to create a personalized line of products without having to source products overseas or become a ‘consultant’ for a big corporation. When someone decides to partner with us, they’re taking control over how they do business. We don’t set outrageous minimum order quantities. We don’t tell them what price to sell their products. We don’t demand that they meet a quota. What we do is provide high-quality products that entrepreneurs can proudly put their name on and sell in whatever way works best for them.