OSP is Committed to Providing Ontario with Sustainable Solar Power. Our staff has a combined total experience of more than 45 MW of installed solar capacity on over 350 rooftop installations. Our team’s internationally successful business model enhances the income of property owners while reducing Ontario’s carbon footprint.

OSP Specializes In:

   * Leasing unused roof areas and financial structuring
   * Design of solar arrays, cabling and inverters
   * Construction and interconnection of solar installation

OSP’s Commitment:

  1. Enhance the ROI for property owners by leasing previously unused roof space or installing a system for ownership – our project will increase your total property value.
  2. Improve your business’ reputation by improving your company’s sustainable image – you can tell your customers that you are clean and green.
  3. Provide clients and investors with stable returns in a volatile world – responsible investments, carefully structured, can generate steady income.
  4. Provide Ontario with clean and efficient solar energy for a sustainable future  – we want to decrease Ontario’s toxic emissions.

OSP Has the Experience to Get it Done Right:

   * We have built more than 45,000 kW of solar PV farms
   * We have built more than 10,000kW of rooftop solar installations on more than 350 roofs
   * We have built more than 1,000 kW on our own roofs
   * We know what it is like to be a property owner
   * We use best practices acquired through our operations in Germany, the world’s leading solar market, to build safe, high-quality and cost-efficient power plants, with substructures customized for your roof
   * We only build turn-key projects
   * We are fully insured, certified, and have the financial backing of an international solar company
   * We are here to stay. After building up operations in Europe and a developing a long track record, we are expanding into North America. Ontario is the first step towards a clean, green future
   * We partner with local experts: structural engineers, roofing companies, electricians