Ontech Associated Group has been engaged exclusively in new product development, idea generation, product design and detail engineering, concept development and testing, market research, marketing analysis, technical implementation, commercialization, pricing and cost analysis, and retail product placement for the last 5 years.  The Principal and Partners of Ontech Associated Group have experience in sales, marketing, and product development, representing a range of industries, for over 20 years.  The company has experience placing products in convenience stores, national and local distributors, mass merchandisers, and retail chains.

Ontech Associated Group has placed products in wide variety of markets.  As directly related to MillerCoors business interests, Ontech Associated Group was contracted by Starlite Products LLC in 2008 to bring to market a patented product licensed by MillerCoors called the Beer Can Fishing Bobber that bore licensing from 7 brands in the MillerCoors family of beers.  This product is sold in retail stores, convenience stores, sporting goods outlets, and with both national and regional distributors.  The Beer Can Bobber was a new product in 2008 that the market had never seen. Ontech Associated Group was integral in creating sales numbers of over 1.35 Million pieces during the products launch in the second and third quarters of 2008.  We have the same confidence in the success of the Home Draft Cooler through a partnership with MillerCoors.
Ontech Associated Group has also marketed other products licensed by NASCAR and Dale Earnhardt Jr. #88, the most popular NASCAR driver for licensed merchandise sales in the US.