On the Streets is Where You Should Be

"On the Streets" is an urban reality talk show taped live on the streets of Hollywood Blvd, better known as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in Hollywood California. On The Streets can take place in any major metropolitan city around the world. The show guest stars regular everyday people answering off-the-wall questions, or being asked to do crazy things.

Host, Carlton Enoch, consciously pushes the interviewee to explore thoughts and feelings by asking surprising questions, catching them totally off-guard. The flow of each episode is upbeat, humorous, and entertaining as he gets candid responses to some of the strangest questions.

Carlton Enoch interviews people from all walks of life, from the homeless to the wealthy, both young and old as they pass by on the streets. No one is safe.

"On the Streets" is the first TV show to be taped live using wireless Apple technology using iPads as cameras on both Steadicam and jibs formulating the world's first iPad Production Team.  Not only is the show engaging, but the technology behind it is cutting edge and changes the face of the entertainment industry leveling the playing field for the Independent Filmmaker.