Oobafit is a new approach to fitness and health. We believe that getting and staying healthy needs to be both simple and fun. We've had enough of fad diets and exercise crazes and want to give people simple, honest advice that just works. Oobafit is run by real people for real people so we understand what it's like trying to fit exercise and healthy eating into a busy schedule. We won't preach to you, we'll just give you some good advice and a set of free online fitness and nutrition tools that help you understand better how you're exercising and what you're eating.
You may have just had a baby, have 60 minutes to train on a Monday and a Friday, want to focus your workout on your arms and your bum, be a vegetarian cooking for 4 people and want to lose weight. You can be sure that Oobafit can make you a plan
specifically for those criteria.