openAirWare is an agile software development company built on almost two decades of enterprise systems development and clinical healthcare experience.

Taking lessons learned from the past, we are focused on keeping company communications out in the open air. We do not allow Fear, Uncertainty or Doubt to be motivating factors in any decision making ("No FUD"), but instead discuss the pros and cons openly and with no preconceptions. We always focus on doing what is right. Right for our clients, our fellow humans and the Earth.

Our goal is to help the entire healthcare industry, at all levels, in safely and securely accessing and managing patient health information.

We help patients people, obtain their own health information from their providers and take ownership of it.
We help clinicians access, view and manage patient health information, quickly and securely, so they can do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.
We help hospitals, practices, payors, and governmental organizations set up routes to safely and appropriately transmit patient health information.
openAirWare is a privately held corporation, based in Michigan and founded by Mark Brown, CEO and Kirk E. Cross, COO.