A cool tool that requires no school.

Files, Examples, Specs – Nicely Organized In One Place
Unlike a simple shared drive, OpenBrand always makes sure everything is perfectly documented and your creative works are complete with all source files and production data.

Where Great Design Meets Superb Delivery
OpenBrand was built by designers, for designers. Among other great features it allows for easy creation of amazing design mockups. From now on, your clients will be always impressed.

Brand Guidelines? Forget PDF!
Designing a new brand? Rebranding? Stop creating those useless PDF manuals no one ever reads. OpenBrand provides a unique set of features for work with logos, color palettes, typography, pictures, and much more.

Collaborate From Anywhere
OpenBrand is your private space in the cloud, so you can work securely from wherever you are. Share, discuss and update projects so everyone is on the same page.

OpenBrand For Enterprise
Larger team? Many projects? No problem. OpenBrand for Enterprise includes centralized billing, powerful management features, and as much space as you need. Learn more