Empower a woman or a man and the whole family benefits. The ripple effects of these benefits are passed on to future generations.  At Open Doors Worldwide Organization, we believe in and are committed to providing the tools and services that encourage Self Empowerment, Self-Esteem and Personal Growth for all.  However we know, if we plant these seeds in a woman, it gives her the freedom to participate more fully and equally in society and thereby enhance the whole of the human community.

By concentrating on the total mosaic that makes us human beings the men that become our members will share in the efforts that will create enlightened individuals.  And both male and female, will come to realize the importance of a joint and equal benefit to the community that makes up our world, and to the collaborative efforts we must both bring to this table.  

It is because of this we will not allow ourselves to rely just on talk.  It will be the aim of this organization to engage in positive action that will result in enrichment of individuals and their companies as well as direct engagement that will impact individual communities and the world at large.    

This is just our beginning. But we aim to do it well.  

Our Motto:  Not Just Talk, Do Something * Learn Something * Share Something * Change Something