Open Lowcode is a full open-source framework providing a complete solution to build enterprise applications. Professional services are offered on the framework to secure customer projects, while retaining all the benefits of open-source: no lock-in, minimum running costs, transparency and quality.

Open Lowcode framework has an original approach to low-code, based on 20+ years of real-life experience implementing enterprise solutions.

This starts with a conservative technological stack ensuring you will find easily skills to develop and operate the framework, limit upgrade costs, and need minimum hardware to run the solutions.

Open Lowcode acknowledges that development is sometimes necessary, and offers a full range of extension options to reach the difficult last 10% of your requirements. You will not waste your precious employee time due to software limitations.

Open Lowcode framework allows you, with a single technology, to start building a mockup in an hackathon, and make the solution evolve into a full enterprise-grade solution managing security and scalability.

Open Lowcode focuses on the real-life of employees, focusing on the PC experience and an ergonomics suited to data processing tasks.