Open Marketing is a content marketing agency based in San Francisco. Services include planning and execution of inbound marketing campaigns. Our focus is helping companies get found online, get more leads, and nurture them through the sales cycle.

Our target customer is a company that is looking for extraordinary results from their investment in online marketing. For us, this means finding new ways to drive traffic to our client’s website, to generate leads, and accelerate sales. Companies come to us looking to get more visibility online and off. We offer a hybrid service that combines visibility, findability, and custom-content development under one roof.

Bloggers and editorial people at print publications are under enormous pressure to produce content. As a result, they are hungry for unique, compelling content that is high quality and meets the needs of their readers. We focus on creating exactly this kind of custom content on your behalf and then creating visibility for your company around that content.

How do people find out about your company, its products and services? It turns out that people don’t buy products and services. Instead, they seek out solutions to their problems on their own timing, a process we and others in the industry call “the buyers’ journey”. This journey relies extensively on search and social media, which is why we focus so much on findability, the process of optimizing your content so it comes up in response to a buyer’s query entered into a search engine or when posed to friends and colleagues more informally, say in social media.

We can help you develop compelling content, content that syncs up with the buyers’ journey, which is a proven way to accelerate sales.

Today customers don’t like to be ‘sold to.’ Instead, buyers seek out potential solutions to the problem at hand, assemble a short-list of companies, products, or services that are designed to solve that problem, and then do their own research using the web. Search and social media both play critical roles in the process. By the time the buyer is ready to talk to one of your sales or business development people, they’re looking for validation that your company deserves to be on the short list and also have specific questions they need answered.

What this means for you is that you need content. Not just content to help you get found online. But also content to attract customers early in their journey towards you. Content to keep you top-of-mind with them as they make their journey towards you and your company. Content that educates, informs, and delights your potential customer. No one every bought because you bored them to tears.