Open Orchard Productions is an umbrella organization for 3 series of podcasts.  The first to launch (as of August 10, 2012) is "The Core".

The Core is a journalistic program for which teens interview teens that have a story to share about strife, hardship, success, or change in order to inspire and educate listeners.  The podcasts are streamed from our website and from iTunes.  The Core aims to break down boundaries between people from various walks of life by featuring stories that transcend the stereotypes set by society’s standards and media influences.

The next two podcast series that will launch this fall are more journalistic and less interview based.  One is called "The Elements", which reports on local influential figures that are the “unsung heroes” of philanthropy, politics, sports, and education. The other is called "Fresh Picked", which spotlights artists whose work may be up-and-coming or little known but deserving of recognition for being innovative, captivating, or particularly relelvant.

Reporters, technology programmers, graphic designers, and producers of these podcasts are all teenagers who are doing professional quality work.  They're eager to grow their organization and continue to produce top-level journalistic work.