Why Heal?
Look out the window in the inner city.
Look at the news.
Look at Campaign 2016.
Walk downtown and see the homeless sleeping outside.
Look at the man or woman in the mirror.
Yeah, that's why.
We realized there's a lot of people talking about change and healing but we want to #HealTheVillage.
We reached out to politicians and lawmakers and while they celebrated the idea, didn't produce the desired results.
So, we flipped it.
We're coming straight at you. Straight at the people.
See, everyone's going through something on some level and we realize we are stronger together.
We're here to encourage people to be courageous for real, to speak out, to take action, to organize, educate, and empower.
No one can tell your story like you, instead of just speaking for the people we want you to #ShareYourStory.
We want to see our nation better, so we are focused on healing and inspiring from the inside - out. We are building a #HealingLounge and #Operating Room for that.
We don't want to place a band aid on the gash, either we #HealItOrFeelIt.
Join us as we mobilize and build momentum to unite our voices and cause as ONE.
You and I... t - y.