OPFOR Solutions was founded in 2008 to create realistic and culturally realistic props for military training, hollywood productions, and halloween haunted houses. Located in Canoga Park, California our focus is to innovate, manufacture, and import speciality props that can better the realism of third world environments. Through out the past 8 years our cultural costumes and props have been assisting the U.S. Military training villages in support of pre-deployment exercises. OPFOR Solutions replicates foreign theatres such as the most recent U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to other Islamic and foreign countries. The President and founder of OPFOR Solutions is a skillful expert in Middle East and Islamic Cultures, for over 8 years he's provided the US Army, USMC, AirForce, National Guard, Special Ops, and the Canadian Army with; cultural costumes, imported cultural goods, and custom fabricated props. This effort has embolden him to bring these type of props to theatrical and themed productions, Halloween Haunted Houses, and its Military clients to an Online Retail Shop. Our products range from marketplaces fruit stands, to the residential Interiors of homes, we are here to provide our customers with cultural information, and customized solutions.