Holistic group of companies experienced in adding value to innovation and your growth

A group of companies who assist innovation and business growth offering an holistic approach to Professional Services, Funding, Support and Resources and simple Common sense and experience to Seed, Pre Seed, Start up, SME and large Companies
Oportunis are building a great team of companies to support you.


Currently the following companies are part of the Oportunis Group:

Route to Funding

Route to Funding provide preparation, understanding, trust and real life experience; before, during and after raising finance, an acquisition or business sale

What ever the stage of a company, success is built on hard work and the ability to secure the right funding. We work with owners to prepare, present and market their business to attract investors, funding and potential buyers.

We offer a trusted partnership, professionalism and peace of mind.

We understand from experience that too many entrepreneurs are short changed when their business is sold or fall victim of unscrupulous investors. We also understand that companies seeking funds can be unprepared and focused only on the money.

It does not need to be like this and we are determined that organisations are fully prepared to maximise the value of their business.


The Inventors Group

We offer a trusted route to market.

The Inventors Group works with inventors to get your good idea to market.

Help develop an idea, protect an idea so it can not be stolen, develop prototypes, define and prove there is a market and get the idea to market.

The Inventors Group has the expertise, contacts and commitment to make it happen.


Route to Exit

Route to Exit offers professional Preparation, Business Sale, Mergers and Acquisitions Consultancy.

Route to Exit specialise in Preparing and Developing your Business ready for Sale, to maximise value and allow you to sell your Business on your terms. Once your business is ready we deliver a professional Business Sale.


Cast Intelligence

To Question is to Grow. Competitive Intelligence, Research and Strategic Analysis
From cost effective focused media monitoring and robust analysis to the set up of your own department, what ever the size of your firm, Competitive Intelligence and Research is something you can not afford to do without:

•     Get to the truth and close the gap on your rivals
•     Reduce risk and increase insight and understanding
•     Drive strategy, take action and make smart decisions based on considered intelligence, not rumour and gossip
•     Isolate new markets and clients; really understand what they need
•     Blow assumptions out of the water
•     Avoid surprises, the ones which keep you awake at night

Make lasting and substantial improvements to your strategic decision making.

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