Oppenheimer Lloyd was established as a diversified financial services company to bring innovative investment advice to both private and corporate clients across Asia and around the world. We provide a full range of brokerage services for investors globally.

We also offer extensive investment banking facilities tailored to the individual client's requirements. We take an industry-focused approach, and complement this targeted expertise with transactional experts. This client-focused approach along with our experience, distribution capabilities, and complementary services has enabled us to become a leader in the investment banking industry.

Expertise - whether your company is looking to raise equity or debt capital, or needs merger & acquisition or other advisory services, with Oppenheimer Lloyd you will be working directly with experienced individuals, all of whom have extensive investment banking experience and many of whom have significant management-level experience in their industries.  This expertise has enabled us to become a leading expert in the private equity industry.

Full Range of Complementary Services - We provide a comprehensive range of strategic and financial advisory services tailored to our clients’ business evolution life cycle and backed by our strategic industry focus.  We are committed to meeting all the financial services needs of our client companies and their management teams.

Investment Banking - Oppenheimer Lloyd offer a wealth of investment banking services to our clients. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to develop a winning strategy across your business. Our team is hands on to take you through key development stages and offer a wide range of specialist advice. Our core skills include, but are not limited to:

Structured finance
Private Placements
Advisory services
Syndicated finance

Equities - At Oppenheimer Lloyd we pride ourselves on our reputation of identifying strong growth opportunities ahead of the market. Our research department is constantly searching for companies with products or services in dynamic growth markets, strong management teams and above average growth prospects. In this respect our independence and global reach is our strength as we do not limit ourselves to a single area or market, we simply highlight the companies that we believe offer our clients the best prospects for long term growth. Our equities division not only offer a full, bespoke, advisory service but also cutting edge execution.

Commodities - The ever changing landscape of commodity futures trading can be overwhelming. This is why we believe in delivering comprehensive trading offerings alongside an array of resources to help you identify and invest in the right choice for you.
Forex Trading - In a dynamic, fast moving market such as currencies our clients rely on our experience and solid advice to give them a competitive edge. Our dedicated team is on hand to advise and work together with you, whatever your objectives.