Since its inception in August of 2000, Optellios Inc. has strived to build a customer driven company to deliver technologically advanced hardware and software solutions with a well developed intellectual property foundation.
Having successfully launched its first commercial products in the area of fiber optic polarization control, detection, and light management in 2001, Optellios has received significant recognition as an innovative provider of quality products and services. By 2004, Optellios, having recognized the need to aggressively focus its technology into the growing security market launched the Fiber Patrol® security products division.

The Fiber Patrol® division features a product suite of application specific fiber-optic based intrusion detection and alarm management solutions. These systems are capable of locating the point of intrusion to within 10's of feet over sensor runs as long as 60 miles. Today Fiber Patrol® is deployed to protect commercial airports, government sites, power generation plants, and water treatment facilities as well as other high profile and critical infrastructure sites.

Today, Optellios continues to expand and develop the Fiber Patrol® division to meet the increased market demand for converged communication and sensing solutions. Working with other industry technology leaders Optellios has successful integrated its Fiber Patrol® products with many of the top Closed Circuit Television, Access Control, and Analytic Video platforms. The pinnacle of this effort is marked by Optellios license agreement with Cisco in 2007 to produce and distribute a line of analog and digital fiber optic transmitters, receivers, and multiplexers.