Optylux is the industry leader when it comes to unique, beautiful styles that are always on the cutting edge of European fashion trends.

Of the three Optulux lines, the Flair line is quite possibly the most recognized and sought after eyeglasses the world over. With the Flair collections - the Pure collection, the Couture collection, the Custom collection and the New Flair Styles - Optylux Flair eyewear offers something to suit every style. With 22 new style options, the New Flair Styles collection are crafted out of BioSteel, known for its strength and flexibility. Lenses are held in place with the patented Flair Pure System, the strongest available on the market today. These features make the New Flair Styles collection lightweight and strong, a hallmark of high quality eyewear.

The highlight of the New Flair Styles collection is the unique temple designs of styles 906, 907, 908 and 909, crafted out of thin acetate plaque and wrapped with wire in four unique looks. Because of the way they are crafted, the wire becomes part of the temple, rather than just being adhered on. Best seen for yourself, these four styles, as well as the other 18 New Flair Styles collection styles, are the hottest new trends in eyewear, from a company known for always having the trendiest eyewear.

Available at the finest eyewear boutiques, the Flair lines have been created in Germany for over sixty years, and are exclusively available through Optylux. So whether you want the latest in eyewear fashion from the New Flair Styles collection, sunglasses that are cutting edge from the Ete or Triton lines, or eyeglasses that are unique as you from the Flair Custom collection, Optlux and its three eyewear lines offer something for everyone.