Established in July 2004 for the purpose of honoring and comforting members of the U.S. Armed Forces injured while in harm's way, and providing support to those who care for them.

We're creating care packages for U.S. Military men and women receiving care at medical facilities abroad. Often our injured men and women arrive for medical care without their belongings and it can take weeks before those belongings catch up with them - and sometimes they don't arrive at all. Even when injured our troops need items like hygiene and grooming products, clothing, entertainment and support from the home front.

We communicate regularly with medical personnel at U.S. Military Hospitals and Combat Support Hospitals in-theater.  These contacts help us to identify soldier's needs.

It is the mission of this effort to help assure those individuals are honored for their sacrifice and comforted by creating "GO BAGS", or transition kits, that include comfort items like our "Four Freedoms Gratitude Quilt" personal care items and products that entertain and provide "down time" for their spiritual, emotional and physical healing.

We rely on the expertise of Pastoral Care Services and others knowledgeable about what items are most appropriate for their particular unit or facility. As a result, the program focus will change to meet the needs of those we sponsor. The Go Bags and Four Freedoms Gratitude Quilts are just part of our work , there are opportunities for everyone to show their thanks and appreciation.

What are "Go Bags"?
They are emergency, or transition, kits filled with items to help comfort a wounded service member until they reach the next level of care, or get well enough to return to their unit.

The Four Freedom Gratitude Quilts are given to injured  service members to show the love and respect that we have for our troops.  Made of denim squares cut from jeans, these squares are signed by groups and individuals and include messages of support.

These denim quilts were inspired by Franklin D. Roosevelt's address to the 77th Congress on January 6, 1941 - The Four Freedoms.
* Freedom of Speech and Expression *
* Freedom of Worship *
* Freedom from Want *
* Freedom from Fear *

OQC entertains no political, ideological or religious views of the war or other conflicts that the United States may be involved in. Your contributions of time, talent and resources help OQC  provide meaningful support to our wounded warriors and the amazing medical professionals who care for them. Period.

OQC is positioned at U. S. Combat Support Hospitals, Troop Medical Clinics, and with medic teams on the front lines. The war on terror is dynamic and the needs of our units change frequently.  As a result, our projects change to meet those needs.

Operation: Quiet Comfort (OQC) is a nonprofit organization, registered in the state of Michigan on December 5, 2005.

Contributions to Operation: Quiet Comfort (OQC) are tax-deductible.

OQC is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit charitable organization.