Oracle Digital, a Perth based SEO company, have today announced the return of their free website offer to new customers.

SEO Company Perth – Oracle Digital, a search engine optimisation company based in Perth, has today announced the return of their free Wordpress website offer for new customers. This is not the first time the technology company has done this either, as it was introduced in 2010 for a short duration.

Wordpress websites are considered the benchmark for speed, versatility, and for being noticed in the search engines such as Google. In fact many of the worlds leading corporations have made the switch to Wordpress in the last few years.

Oracle Digital’s Head of Business development James Corby explains, “Wordpress is an extremely stable platform, and is developed by a massive number of open source developers, ensuring its continual improvement. Some of the world biggest websites run off it. CNN, The New York Times, and Mashable to name just a few have converted.”

Many Australian small businesses do not even have a web presence, let alone a specially built online sales machine, and it is these same businesses that are struggling to stay afloat in this sluggish economy we are witnessing at the moment.

However the bad news for those businesses with an existing website is that because of the older technology they were built on, they are not optimised to be readily found by Google, the life giver of targeted web traffic. Without this web traffic, a business may as well not have an online portal.

Corby continues, “Oracle Digital have always been focused on getting amazing results for our customers, and if we allowed our customers to use out-dated web platforms, then of course we would be doing them an injustice. By offering a premium Wordpress website that looks professional, delivers leads, and is most importantly going to be discovered very quickly by Google, we can ensure that their SEO efforts will really pay off.”

Wordpress and search engine optimisation seem to go hand in hand right now, and they are both most definitely buzz words in small business and corporates alike.

Wordpress is an open source tool that was originally created as a blogging platform, that was initially released in May of 2003. It is powered by PHP and MySQL. At this point in time it is used by nearly 15% of the Internet’s top one million websites. Wordpress is without doubt the most popular CMS used on the Internet.

The Perth SEO Company has made available their free Wordpress website offer as an introductory offer to local businesses and corporates alike. The offer is expected to run for several months in a bid assist companies to change their current web platform

To find out more about this free Wordpress website offer, then please call the Oracle Digital on 1300 899 851.