Our Mission:

We deliver well-engineered, relevant software services and products that make our
customers/clients awesome!

Orange & Bronze Software Labs is the 1st Philippine-based SpringSource partner with a team of seasoned software engineers and architects who have been using Spring, and its derivative technologies Appfuse and Grails, since its early versions.

Our People:

Orange & Bronze believes that a successful offshore software project starts with great people, and we make sure that you'll find the best people in our company. Our software architects and engineers are committed to their team, their project, and their clients.

Our Methodology:

Orange & Bronze Software Labs is a fervent advocate of Agile Software Development.

1. It strictly adheres to such principles as:
2. Test-Driven Driven Development
3. Continuous Integration
4. Frequent Delivery (Short Iterations)
5. and Working Closely with the Customer

Our Technological Expertise:
Java, Spring, Grails, Hibernate, Groovy, Grails, Appfuse, Python, Django, Boost, Erlang.