Our team at Mira Chiropractic have dedicated our lives to helping people throughout Orange County, CA . Educating our patients about wellness and chiropractic; how it helps to eliminate pain, mobility and health problems, thorough evaluation leading to correct diagnosis; as well as individually designed evidenced based treatments are our primary goals. Dr. Miramadi has first-hand experience as a chiropractic patient, which is why she is so passionate about helping her patients and providing most recent research and evidence based care to the entire Orange County community.
Dr. Miramadi is a firm believer in educating her patients about the benefits of chiropractic care and healthy life style, she believes that a good doctor knows what to do but a great doctor also knows why. This is why many people are choosing Mira Chiropractic to help them gain a better health and regain their freedom from pain!
Dr. Miramadi is dedicated to improving the entire well-being of her patients and setting them on the path to a happier, healthier life.
Give us a call today to make an appointment; discuss your problems and health issues with the doctor. Many people are surprised with the results and can’t believe how easy it was to get relief. And visit us at our Orange, CA Chiropractic Office.