Orbit City Bikes is Ohio's premier Electric Bicycle dealership. We are dedicated to electric bikes as our main products, not just an addition to other stuff.

Orbit City Bikes strives to provide a biking opportunity to those who are shut out of bicycling by age, injuries or the inconvenience of showing up to work all sweaty. Electric bicycles can make all the difference while giving you health benefits. Anytime you ride, you benefit. Even if you don't pedal at all (and most people do), you use your core to balance the e-bike. And you arrive with a smile on your face!

ProdecoTech's "Electric Bikes That Make Sense" are Built in the USA. These are the best e-bike you can buy for the money. An equivalent bike sometimes costs twice as much, is built in China, and may not have as nice of features. These bikes are fast and fun. ProdecoTech offers over 23 models to choose from.

Hero Eco's A2B was the first purpose built electric bicycle. A premium brand, these bicycles provide a smooth and powerful ride.  Each model is well thought out with incremental improvements over the years.

Juiced Rider is our electric cargo bike. These bikes feature the largest battery currently offered on a street legal bicycle. They have long range and the ability to carry 330 pounds or haul heavy trailers. Carry an adult passenger, your kids, groceries or make food deliveries. Or just get it for its long range!

All these bikes are fun and we will add more as the business grows.

You can see most of our selection at OrbitCityBikes.com