Ordorite Software is a cloud-based retail order management software solution which integrates in-store and online sales and stock for supply-to-order retailers, to improve management reporting, reduce operational costs, and allows customers to manage their business end-to-end, delivering an ROI within the first year.

As we are specifically built for furniture retailers, it is easy for them to see real benefit from our system across all departments. We tie in every part of your business from Point of Sale, warehouse management, purchasing and sales, CRM, analytic reports, to delivery and logistics.
Within those modules, our furniture management software can help your business:

- Integrate your online and in-store sales
- Provide a real-time view of stock across all stores and warehouses
- Advanced algorithms to improve purchasing and stock management
- Enable target marketing by harnessing customer data
- Improve your management reporting with analytics
- Streamline the customer experience and reduce operational costs