Tattoo Removal SW Portland Oregon - Providing Tattoo Removal services to the Portland metro area.

We are Tattoo Removal Specialists
Laser tattoo removal is what we do.  We don’t offer dozens of services and try to make our staff proficient in all of them.  We focus our energy into removing tattoos the best way possible for you, the client.  

Our laser uses the latest technology to ensure that you receive the best possible treatment for your skin.  Older tattoo removal technologies were not fully effective and required a large number of treatments to fully remove the ink, if it was even possible at all.  They also had the potential to cause side affects such as scarring or lightening of the skin, called hypo-pigmentation.

Our tattoo removal laser is the newest generation that reduces the number of treatments required and almost completely eliminates the chance of any complications.

Our Philosophy

We strive to provide the best tattoo removal experience in the Portland area, period.  We have the best laser technology and the best customer service, and will make your treatment process as easy and simple as possible.

Our advanced laser technicians will configure the Enlighten laser to the correct settings for YOUR tattoo and YOUR body.  Each person is different just as every tattoo is different.  Our goal is to safely remove your tattoo in the least number of treatments.