The Opportunity

Be One of the Select Few to Own this Totally Green Franchise Opportunity

This franchise opportunity is a naturally sound foundation created with a desire and dedication to bring earth- and people-friendly bedding products to environmentally-conscious customers. Our mattresses are made with the finest certified organic cottons and wools available. Besides being first to the market in franchising a green mattress store, we are in an exploding market.We are in a relaxed business, and having fun doing it. With all approved green vendors, we assure our customers the same quality each and every time.
The East Coast Organic Mattress Program is a good fit if you:

* Share our vision for creating a cleaner, greener lifestyle

* have some business management experience

* and want to do something good for the earth, your customers, and your future
The East Coast Organic Mattress Store could be the opportunity of your dreams. Become a part of our revolutionary concept; it is the chance to channel your skills, commitment, and desire for independent business ownership into something you can be proud of.

As a successful franchise owner and entrepreneur, you'll implement our powerful, proven business systems to lead your retail business and dominate your chosen market.

Yes, we do take naps from time to time to test out the mattresses, and encourage our franchisees to do so.

Our Marketplace

Wake up to a naturally amazing franchise opportunity!

The Green mattress market is a huge, multi-billion dollar industry. But we don’t compete directly with standard retail mattress stores, who might have a single so called green mattress tucked away in a back corner of their showrooms. Instead, we are a uniquely focused retail and franchise concept, dedicated to providing only top-quality mattresses, and top of the bed sleep products made with the finest certified organic cottons and wools in the country today.

The demand for our sleep products is growing as the availability of cleaner ,more environmentally aware mattresses grows along with public awareness:

According to the Organic Trade Association (OTA), the Green mattress and top of the bed market has been growing by double digits in recent years; just as overall sales for certified organic fibers as a whole continue to skyrocket!

More and more customers are seeking the benefits of mattresses made with certified organic fiber , for health, ultimate comfort or philosophical reasons – whether they have allergies, chiropractic issues, or just want to do something to help the environment, The East Coast Organic Mattress Store offers them what they seek.

You, too, can meet the needs of your customers with a variety of healthy mattresses and other related bedding products by following our proven business model.

The East Coast Organic Mattress Store has been growing. And, while business growth and opportunity are certainly important, we all agree that providing people with products that are good for them and the environment also brings tremendous pride, satisfaction and peace of mind.

Join us on our quest to bring natural, sleep products made with certified organic wools and cottons, and Natural rubbers to more and more customers across the country.