What is your favorite tea?

We asked ourselves this question and realized that it is impossible to pick only one. Why not try different high quality teas before settling for a few? Or why settle – try a new one every time! We want to offer you a possibility to create your own tea drinking experience and remove as many barriers as possible. And the best part – it does not have to cost you a fortune. In order to succeed, at Organic Herbie's online tea store we base our business model on 4 core values:

1) Organic - We only sell tea which was farmed according to EU regulation on organic farming (Euro-leaf). We are working on getting certifications for our packing facilities and aim to use the ‘Euro-Leaf’ logo in the nearest future.

2) Flexible - You choose the types of tea (as many different loose leaf teas as you like) and the amount of each tea (as low as 10 grams and as much as we have in stock)

3) Transparent - We charge 2 EUR fixed fee on each order + 0.75 EUR for every 10 g you buy. No hidden fees, no additional taxes, no shipping charges.

4) Customer focused - We want to hear your opinion and improve our store based on your feedback. That is why you will find a ‘Contact us’ form on each page and our active presence in Facebook