Whether you are eating at our restaurant, shopping at our online store or taking one of our culinary workshops. at OrganicLives, we’re all about the food - how and where it’s grown and sold, the purity of the preparation process, the quality and quantity of the nutrients inside, and, of course, the taste. The mind-blowing, zen-inducing, can’t-peel-the-smile-off-my-face taste.

And when you add that all up, what you have is complete and natural perfection. Food that is uncompromisingly delicious not just for your taste buds but for your mind, body, soul, and planet.

Our Natural Obsession
To awaken hearts, minds, bodies, and palates to the endless benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and to make that lifestyle accessible and practical within our everyday lives.

A Playground of Taste
Forget for a second that every nutrient-rich ingredient of every dish we serve is 100% certified organic, straight-from-the-earth, fairly traded, unaltered by any cooking process, and is so rigorously tested that it exceeds even the strictest USDA, JAS, EUREGAP and Kosher standards.  

Clear all that from your mind and you’ll be able to appreciate our food for what it first-and-foremost is--insanely delicious, meticulously crafted cuisine that even meat and fast-food lovers find irresistible.

Think of a nurtured planet and super-charged body as wonderful side-effects of a pure, indulgent, and unparalleled eating experience.

Together we can become ridiculously healthy while fighting climate change, reducing poverty, and protecting species--all through the enjoyment of the most delicious foods the world has ever seen.

Our Online Store: The Ultimate Organic Pantry
Living foods cultivated through clean, fair, and sustainable farming practices aren’t a trend, a fad, or the passing fancy of a small, dietetically uptight segment of the population.  They are, in every aspect of the expression, the real deal.  

With myriad and far-reaching benefits that are becoming more realized and enjoyed every day, raw, organic foods truly represent the evolution and fusion of nutrition, taste, and responsibility.    

Our store at OrganicLives is ground-zero for this growing phenomenon:  A place where you can find not only a huge selection of rigorously tested and certified living, organic food ingredients, but also the tools, appliances, and accessories that will allow you to create the magic at home every day and every meal.

Join the Healthy Food Evolution
The current buzz and excitement around living, organic foods means little if the pillars of the movement (heightened nutrition, increased social/environmental responsibility, and brain-bending taste) aren’t practiced, promoted, and enjoyed on a continuous and growing basis.

The Learn area of our OrganicLives website is dedicated to making sure that you stay informed, aware, and active in all three areas. Whether it’s the latest results of scientific nutritional studies, opportunities to get involved in promoting fair and sustainable food practices, or the most innovative and delicious living food recipes out there, you can count on finding any and all such useful information right here.