Founded in 1996, Organizational Strategies, Inc. has been providing solutions for almost two decades as a US and International provider of innovative technical mission-oriented solutions and services for the Government, private and commercial sectors. OSI’s focus is to provide you with cost-effective and innovative services, offering practical solutions that can be successfully implemented in your business environment.

OSI has developed and deployed a mature set of technology tools that all began with their state-of-the-art interoperability big data platform, Inter Domain Services Manager Enfusion (IDSM Enfusion).  This platform has been in production over 8 years and includes Big data analytics, interoperability, data
analytics, security exchange, video teleconferencing, common operating picture (COP), and Video Analytics.

From Banking to Business, Health Care, and Government to Security, OSI is carrying customers into the next generation of technology and Actionable Information. All designed by OSI, our “Smart Solutions” create smart data for your environment.

big data analytics, video analytics, program management, strategic planning, systems engineering, research and development, logistics, acquisition management, instructional systems design, information systems development, U.S. Government, Commercial