Bamboo, as a solid timber replacement, is gaining market acceptance as professionals and consumers alike are starting to see the tremendous benefits of choosing this eco-friendly product over traditional timbers.

Bamboo furniture boards combine the best of solid timber with the convenience and cost savings of pressed boards and panels. They are ideal for any application that you would normally consider using solid timber - the big plus is that all the preparation work & wastage you are used to having when using solid wood will be a thing of the past. Bamboo board price falls into the same category as similar sized high quality pine gluelam boards.

Bamboo counter tops are being chosen over other traditional timbers due to their ease of refinishing, durability, superior flammability rating and price competitiveness.

Bamboo flooring, on the other hand has gained acceptance as a solid wood floor alternative. With strand woven bamboo flooring being as hard as Brazilian Teak, it's the ideal commercial solid wood flooring choice (at a fraction of the price). Bamboo flooring price is similar to engineered wood flooring and very competitive when compared to other solid timbers such as Oak.