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Origin Vietnam A rich culture, diverse & friendly people, spectacular landscapes and beautiful beaches have all combined to propel Vietnam to its current status as one of Asia’s most fashionable destinations. Shrugging off the legacy of its turbulent past, the country has improved its infrastructure dramatically in recent years and a new generation of boutique hotels are springing up all over the country making holidays to Vietnam and tours to Vietnam potentially luxurious as well as exciting.

As well as top notch accommodation holidays Halongbayor tours to Vietnam also offer a wonderfully diverse range of activities: trek in the mountains with the hill tribes, cycle beside lush paddy fields, cruise along the Mekong Delta, learn the secrets of Vietnamese cuisine, discover ancient civilisations or learn more about recent conflicts, relax in a Spa or spend a few days with a family soaking up the Vietnamese lifestyle. With all this on offer we think it is fair to say that there has never been a better time to holiday in or tour Vietnam

We have created this website to give you a taste of the Vietnam tours and Vietnam travel opportunities in North, Central and South Vietnam that we can offer. Please browse through our destinations for information on the region’s highlights, travel ideas and a look at what’s hot in each Regions as well as plenty of travel information and pictures that are sure to inspire you.

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