Original Software is renowned for the innovations which have helped re-shape the application quality market. But what is the source for all this innovation?

The answer is remarkably simple. Rather than letting legacy products influence the capabilities of our products, we simply ignore them. Instead, we focus solely on the problems faced by our customers and then figure out how to solve without constraint for the capabilities of current technology.

That approach provides uncountable challenges which our teams relish in solving. Let’s have a brief look at some of them

Business-Driven Quality – Industry analysts such as Gartner agree that business-driven quality is the goal. Let us show you the Original Software approach.

Code-free Automation – When you’ve been given a large application comprising 100,000s lines of code to test, why on earth would you want to write another code base to test it?  Coded automation is slow to create, only tests skin-deep and is almost impossible to maintain, so why do it?

Manual Testing – Anyone who believes that 100% of testing can be automated needs their head examined. Manual testing will always be with us but why does it have to so manual? Our breakthrough technology is proven to reduce defect reporting times by 70%.

Test Data Management – Test data needs tender loving care and under pressure, QA teams can’t afford to wait for their turn in the DBA queue. Extract, transform, warp and protect one of your most important test assets and without a line of SQL in sight.

UI Annotation – Coded test automation doesn’t only limit its users to those with programming skills, it equally requires that you have an in-depth understanding of the technology that was used to create the application under test. Sounds difficult and a bit crazy? We completely agree.

Data Portal – The information you need to determine your progress towards a release date may be scattered across numerous applications and manual systems. Collating that data takes time, numerous meetings and often a reconciliation effort. Original Software has an easier way!

Let Original Software show you how you can achieve all the above in a  very short space of time.