OrionStar is a global leading service robot solution company founded in 2016. OrionStar is committed to creating the next generation of revolutionary robots based on artificial intelligence technology, so that people can be released from repeated physical workloads, making human work and life more intelligent and interesting, and making society and the world better with technology.

OrionStar has fully self-developed artificial intelligence technologies ecosystem such as voice interaction, and visual navigation. It integrates product development and technical application capabilities. It has released OrionStar AI Robot Greeting Mini, AI Delivery Robot Lucki, and establishes OrionOS, an open platform for OrionStar robots, with the practice of the concept "Efficiency through Robots", it empowers more people with AI technology.

OrionStar is a rapidly growing company and our products can be found throughout the world. OrionStar is now marketing in Asia, Europe, and North America.

OrionStar USA was founded in 2021. Headquarters in Atlanta, GA. We saw solutions to the upcoming challenges within the hospitality industry: labor shortages and employee efficiency. With the use of robots, these challenges would be solved. We believe that with the use of robots, the human challenges within any industry will diminish. We want to make robots more accessible. Our goal is to break the barrier and normalize the application of smart service robots in every industry.