Join and help us build a community of sharing and caring. Our Status Quo, greater societal consciousness, though it maintains order does not make it easy for us to all Thrive, grow and contribute to life our gifts, that are uniquely ours.
"We want Orlando to not only be the capital of tourism we want it to be the place where you go to vacation and take back a breakthrough in your life too!"

Orlando Alternative Health and Lifestyle Guide Directory has a long term goal of making Orlando The Wellness Capital of The World for all who live here and those that visit. We will do this by bridging the gap in our community around healing, wellness, and living a thriving optimal lifestyle through collaborative activities that facilitate connections such as can be achieved through our community Guide Directory efforts.
Company Overview
Orlando Alternative Health And Lifestyle Guide Directory is an initiative to bridge The connection gap in our community around healing, wellness and living a thriving optimal lifestyle.

Through collaborative activities that facilitate, connections, we can begin a dialogue in support of wellness. The free exchange of ideas, services and experiences all in on place is ideal for bridging the connection gaps in our community that hold us apart.

By participating in activities such as the Launch Party and feeding yourself the information and knowledge about Alternative modes of achieving wellness, you ar helping us close the gap that blocks us from realizing all the possibilities avaiable for healing, wellness and living a thriving optimal life style