ORSTO Ltd is a British Private Ltd company backed by 84 International Investors.

The Founder and Director of ORSTO Ltd is renowned Design Engineer Paul Gill who has 36 Years industry experience, is the inventor of engineering design guide and benchmark ORSTO (Option Reactive System Technology Output), a regular speaker at international technology conferences and events and an industry expert advisor.

The team behind ORSTO Smart Watch Phones are recognised worldwide as leading experts in the field of wearable technology, specifically ‘wrist worn’ devices.

We specialise in creating premium, desirable and trend setting wearable technology products, which incorporate the very latest and most advanced ‘smart communication device’ electronic components and software.

A common misconception: Although often referred to as SmartWatches, ORSTO devices are in fact not the same as most other SmartWatches, as ORSTO devices are actually fully functioning Smart Phones that live conveniently and safely on your wrist (Aka Smart Watch Phones).

Orsto Smart Watch Phones are designed and produced for discerning time piece wearers who desire a modern ‘state of the art’ time piece, but who also appreciate and covet qualities and benefits such as hand built construction, Toughness and Durability, Wearer Comfort and of course the striking Contemporary Design…the unmistakable ORSTO ‘look’.