The Oregon Student Association is a student-run, nonpartisan nonprofit organization that represents over 130,000 higher education students in Oregon.

The Oregon Student Association has three governing boards: the Board of Directors, the Oregon Students of Color Coalition and the Oregon Student Equal Rights Alliance. OSA also maintains a professional staff of fourteen permanent members and is headquartered in Portland, OR.

The Oregon Students of Color Coalition (OSCC) works for access to an equitable education by empowering students and strengthening communities of color, through organizing and educating students statewide. OSCC unites students through activism and mentorship to provide resources and skills to students of color at a post-secondary level.

The Oregon Student Equal Rights Alliance (OSERA) ensures that barriers to post-secondary education for LGBTQ students in Oregon are greatly reduced and eventually eliminated by building a sustainable, inclusive movement for change, reshaping public conceptions, and winning state and federal policy victories.