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- 93% of ad dollars spent in PPC for search is wasted.
- 85% of search engine users ignore PPC ads found in search results pages.
- 75% of all internet users ignore businesses not found on page one of search results.
- 65% of online businesses lose lead conversions to non-original content.
- 15% of search users notice PPC ads in slots #1 and #2 on the right sidebar.
- 7% of search users who see the top paid search inclusion ads actually click through.

Your visitors from top 10 placements in organic search are 600% more likely to convert into new customers compared to the results from paying for expensive PPC ads in search.

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- Search Engine Optimization
- Inbound Link Building
- Social Media Marketing
- SEO Optimized Custom Blogs
- Optimized Press Releases
- Website Content Writing
- Website Design

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