We're a movement of people trying to make this world a better place by empowering amazing charities. It’s also an awareness and fundraising platform for the world’s greatest causes.

'The idea came from realising not enough people know or care about issues affecting the world. O’Shirt seemed like a great way to share stories behind world problems, empower the charities that act on them and learn from the inspirational people that have stood up to make a difference.’ - O’Shirt CoFounder Ryan Williams who is also the founder of the Botswana Orphan Project.

‘The concept behind the brand is that everone can make a difference and everone can benefit from the cause.’ -Martin van Rensburg, fellow Co-Founder of O’Shirt

Charities are generally the most well equipped to tackle world issues. Our efforts are usually best placed in  partnering with charities to tackle causes that we’re passionate about. Many charities are facing fundraising and awareness challenges that are crippling their efforts.