Osiris South Records, LLC was formed on June 4, 2009. Dexter Porter, a long time music industry leader formed the company based upon his selfless love of music and his eagerness to see independent artists succeed.

Osiris South Records has committed itself to providing the absolute best in musical entertainment to the world’s music lovers. The OSR commitment to building a bridge between local business, corporate business and the music industry is a true commitment. These efforts are essential to OSR because of the unique involvement it has with local as well as corporate business partners. The corporate and music industry branding of its artists is a true reflection of the unique and tireless efforts placed on local and corporate business relationships. OSR has business relationships and license agreements with some of america's leading non profit, private and public company's Ford Motor Corp, American Heart Association /American Stroke Association, Boys and Girls Club of America, YMCA, NBA and NBARPA to name a few.  

Osiris South Records, efforts within the local community is truly impressive as well. OSR requires all of its artists to choose a charity or charitable cause to be apart of and/or work within. OSR believes that artists who participate within there own community and with charities have a feeling of greater self worth.

Osiris South Records, will continue to nourish the musical efforts and talents of independent artists, producers and songwriters. OSR realizes that with hard work and commitment the label will continue to be a leader within the music industry.  

The labels motto says it all “We don’t make hits, we make classics”.