The OSPT (Outsourcing Professional Team) is a Jordanian team of freelancers focused on delivering a comprehensive range of integrated services to MENA region. We offer a wide array of integrated and research-based services, leveraging several joint ventures and strategic alliances with major regional and international business partners.

The OSPT is dedicated to offer focused services in providing Business solution such as and not limited to IT and real estate solutions for investors and end-users alike. The OSPT values are founded on foresight. Our desire to gauge, predicts, nurture and realize business propositions, aims at carving a considerable share of the sizeable business opportunity that lies before us.

Our operations are focused on the needs of our customers & stakeholders. We adopt a balanced approach that generates individual wealth through the creation of community wealth.

The OSPT has designed and managed a portfolio of business services that yield attractive returns, thus earning itself a long-standing reputation for service excellence. We has successfully combined complementary services that allows it to develop and implement strategies that meet complex business and financial needs.

The OSPT strives to be the ideal choice in providing professional management and introduction of properties through effective strategies, continuous learning and growth programs with vast business opportunities, investments and to provide a sanctuary for their valued customers. A globalized world calls for a globalized approach to business! The OSPT, with the support of regional partners, assists clients who require multiple services and are seeking opportunities in MENA region. This support enables clients to determine which services will best serve their business objectives. The OSPT adds great value to these aspects of recognizing strategy and execution as the key to success in any venture. Highly qualified and innovative professionals in the industry form the core team of the team.

We believe that our investment in people, research, technology and knowledge not only helps us to be creative, but also enables us to consistently strengthen our services capabilities. The OSPT draws its strength from a team of professionals with in-depth market knowledge, unrivalled expertise and a passion for professional business. This enables us to provide the finest services and respond to the complex requirements of its discerning clients. The OSPT is among the handfuls who have established relationships with quality partners throughout the region.
These strong relationships are leveraged to widen its basket of offerings for the benefit of its clients. It caters to virtually every segment of wide range business. Our risk management practices are underpinned by extensive local market knowledge.