Dan O'Sullivan is the author of the Daoine Maithe Series of Fantasy Sci Fi Novels including "The Fallen", "The Guardians", and "Child of a Guardian and of the Free". These recently released Fantasy Sci Fi Novels are available on Amazon.

Daoine Maithe Book 1

Unable to prevent the abduction of his fiancée Elena and her sisters, Kelian son of the King of Alkira, defies his father and accompanies elite soldiers in pursuit of Nandul of Tarl, dangerous leader of the treacherous and vengeful people known as fallen. Though once guardians known as Daoine Maithe, the fallen no longer possess the gifts or power of their guardian kin, having forsaken these abilities to obtain their freedom. Obsessed with regaining lost gifts, Nandul seeks to make a child with one of the guardians. Elena’s sister Louisa becomes the target of his obsession.
The most dangerous of fallen warriors, Milgorry of Tarl is unable to bear watching the captives as they suffer hunger and abuse. Deeply in love with Louisa, he contrives their escape but they are recaptured and taken to the village of Weema in Nyinaku.
Kelian and two gifted guardians, Timbul and Araas, pass the burning sands of Sheldon’s Quest and head for Weema in search of the captives. He is pursued relentlessly as he treks over the Ice Mountains facing overwhelming obstacles in his attempt to reach his goal.

Daoine Maithe Book 2

Relentlessly pursued after escaping from Nyinaku, Kelian, son of the King of Alkira rushes to the Dwellings, home of the Guardians (Daoine Maithe), where they hear news that Kelian’s town has been attacked and the King has disappeared.
Kelian returns to Castle, learning that the attack is not related to his recent venture into Nyinaku, the land of the Fallen, but contrived by ancient enemies of the Guardians; a flesh hungry race known as Nailmarni. The Nailmarni lay siege to the city, forcing those trapped to furtively evacuate. Kelian flees into bush land. He instructs his friend Dale to continue on to Emerald, but on arrival, Dale finds this city is also under threat.
Kelian and Dale fight to take control of the escalating horror befalling their citizens, but their actions have terrible consequences.

Daoine Maithe Book 3

Kelian, newly crowned King of Alkira returns to Castle to begin the massive task of rebuilding. On arrival he receives a desperate but cryptic plea from Cahndrech, child Empress of Tatharlia, begging that he visit. Before he leaves, Kelian instructs Baron Dale to take a ship to the Dwellings but during the voyage the sailors are overcome by Doreckian mists, and they drift mindlessly until reaching the land of Hosatabaht, where they find themselves stranded among hostile forces.
Accompanied by his guardian friends, Kelian slips into Tatharlia unnoticed, but within days of his arrival chaos erupts within the Empress' Sanctuary. Determined to discover the perpetrator of the crimes committed in Tatharlia, Kelian finds himself swept up in the dangerous wars of the fallen races, and must face terror and torture in his attempt to determine the guilty, bringing the adventure to an exhilaratingly conclusion.