OTAVA Ltd. is an international science-based chemical company founded in 1997. It has production laboratories and offices in Europe (Kiev, Ukraine) and North America (Toronto, Canada).

Our company carries a diverse set of products and services for pharmaceutical companies, universities, research institutes and government agencies. We specialize in the development and production of building blocks, screening compounds, fluorescent dyes and kinase-related products, including various inhibitors and kinase focused libraries.

Our facilities and highly-experienced personnel make possible a variety of contract research projects and custom syntheses of complex biologically active substances. Our Molecular Modeling Department provides a full range of advanced computational services.

- We offer wide range of target-focused libraries. These libraries are created on the base of extensive stock collection of 490,000 compounds. All our libraries are available on request.

- We offer a set of target-focused libraries with Enhanced Intellectual Property Potential (EIPLĀ®). This set of libraries with a variety of novel compounds is an excellent starting point for research chemists and biologists in drug discovery. Screening compounds in these libraries are available from OTAVA Ltd. only and they are not distributed by other vendors of organic compounds.

- We sell potent and selective inhibitors of IKK-epsylon, SIRT1, SIRT2, STAT3, CK2, JNK3, GSK-3, CDK9, HDAC, HIF-1, eEF-2 kinases, CFTR chloride channel & MORE. These compounds are available in milligram and gram quantities. We also sell intermediates on route to the synthesis of these compounds.

- Our company offers about 475,000 Building Blocks in multi-gram quantities and purity higher than 95%. These diverse compounds could be used for high-throughput and combinatorial synthesis of pharmaceutical libraries or scale-up of lead compounds for further development.
- Our In-house Stock Collection contains more than 150,000 compounds and all these compounds have undergone quality control to confirm their chemical structures and purities. All compounds are for prompt delivery.
- About 200,000 compounds are available from our Tangible Compounds collection. External compound suppliers are the main source of Tangible Compounds. ANY compound ordered from this library can be delivered in about 2-4 weeks. This is a unique opportunity to enrich your company's collection of compounds for screening purposes.
- We specialize in development and preparing of fluorescent dyes that could be successfully used in life sciences: Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Neuroscience. Years of experience enable us to provide products of excellent high quality at very competitive price level. More than 300 synthetic dyes of various classes covering the absorbance range 350-1100 nm are presented in the product list.