The mission of our tv program OWG TV™ and our parent network: OWGN™ - OTHER WORLD GLOBAL NETWORK


We believe it is our mission to provide a reliable platform for truth in order to ignite conscious awareness and generate conscious living modalities. Our heart-centered program focuses on subjects associated with all progressive sciences which promote self-sufficiency and empower sovereign beings. We are committed to broadcasting quality information in order to disseminate open communication and present alternative perspectives on topics related to:

   Future technological developments: alternative energy systems

   Practical health solutions: dietary changes, alternative medicine

   Regenetics and DNA ~ the art of cellular communication

   Human history and ancient mysteries : separating fact from myth

   Beyond Exopolitics: Global and Cosmic Affairs

   Transformative quantum healing and wellness

   The science behind meditation, relaxation, creativity, and leisure

   Regenerative ecological education ~ creating green solutions

   Exploring the frequency behind the human template: symbolic art, music, and neuroacoustics

   Examining our future psychosocial systems: the matrix of tomorrow


‘Sparking the human soul in order to open the gateway for global change and conscious living’