Otono is the blockchain ecosystem for everyone, with wearable devices and a simplicity that supports mass adoption.  

The Otono ecosystem platform  enables everyday  transactions to the blockchain economy, and empowers users to own their identity data.

Otono’s leading security and data protection capabilities seamlessly bridge the gaps between traditional and  blockchain economies.  

Otono is a blockchain economy: frictionless, borderless, self-governing, transparent, and impervious to fraud. Otono is autonomy.

Otono Ecosystem Platform:  The Otono platform will usher in the blockchain tipping point. It will enable enterprises and Decentralized Applications (DAPPS) to foster mass adoption of blockchain.  It will bridge the blockchain economy and the traditional economy, the physical world and the blockchain world. Enterprises will be able to enter new markets, reach billions of new customers, and pursue new business channels and innovations. Blockchain innovators will be able to access traditional services and pass the liability for identifying individuals onto the Otono platform. End users will freely transact in any currency they want, instantly without a bank account or an ID. And everyone can join in Otono incentives, which are predicated by the Otono Utility Token (OTO), a blockchain asset.