Bike rides made easy with ouibike.
ouibike is a new platform that simplifies the process of organizing and booking bike rental and tours.

PARIS, FRANCE - 24/6/16 – ouibike has officially launched in both English and French at www.ouibike.net - a unique platform aimed to help tourists discover Frances most beautiful regions by bike. ouibike is the perfect solution for those who are interested in bike rental and bike tours.

The service offers an exciting and healthy activity for both family and friends, bringing everyone together to explore the scenic routes France has to offer by bike. Tours and bike rentals can be found all over France through ouibike, destinations including Paris, the French Riviera and the Basque Country. For every location, we provide an information sheet that helps customers make the most out of their trip (including popular locations, transport, accommodation and a range of different activities).

Bikes are environmentally friendly, fun and healthy. Whether you want to discover an entire region or want to explore the hidden parts of a city, biking is the best way. The co-founder of ouibike, Louis-Marie Meyer said “We made ouibike in hope that we could create a service that would allow customers to quickly book bike activities of their choice in a simple and secure manner.” The platform is continuously growing, where every week new partners are referenced and new destinations are added.  If you are planning a trip to France this holiday ouibike is the perfect service to organize a fun day out !

For more information : www.ouibike.net.    

Contact :
11 rue Saint Yves
75014 PARIS
09 50 11 00 94

Louis Marie Meyer,        
CEO- ouibike
06 51 24 97 55