In its simplest form, a Community Exchange is a free website, hosted by a school district.  Each year a district hosts, all students kindergarten through 12th grade are given “points” (money) toward a scholarship to partnering colleges or universities.  Parents accrue additional points each year by patronizing businesses advertising on an Exchange website (no cost to the businesses) and by optionally participating in family-oriented corporate programs.   When businesses pay to advertise (low, yearly fee), 26% of their payment goes immediately  the hosting school district, 45.5% goes immediately into a scholarship trust fund, to help participating colleges and universities offset the significant cost of providing a free scholarship for EVERY student.

Our Community Exchange provides a nearly effortless way to augment school districts’ general funds (up to $50,000-$130,000 annually, perhaps more)  and bless students with valuable scholarships, while increasing market share for participating corporations and local businesses and boosting qualified enrollment for the colleges and universities signed on to be part of the program.