Group Greets, short for Group Greetings, is a new kind of memorable, meaningful multimedia We-Card – an e-card created by a group. Group Greets uses a revolutionary new digital media platform and is based on the power of the group dynamic. Group Greets currently offers two group greeting occasions, Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays, and works by inviting up to nine group participants to contribute and email any type of digital media.

Our Family Lives is a private, online place that encourages meaningful modern family dialogues about the past, present, and future using any form of digital expression. OFL uses the same breakthrough multimedia platform with automatic and interactive playback created by parent company NonLinear Objects.

Group Greets and Our Family Lives are wholly-owned subsidiaries of NonLinear Objects, the parent company and the brains behind the new multimedia platform. NonLinear Objects is currently self-funded and headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

NonLinear Objects was co-founded by John B Graham and Don MacDonald, two Baby Boomers who lost their jobs in recent corporate downsizings. The two decided to forge their own futures by creating this new technology startup. Graham, CEO of NonLinear Objects, is a consumer marketing veteran having spent several years in national consumer marketing leading well-known brands DeVry University, Sony, McDonald's Kids, and M&M Mars at various advertising and promotion agencies. MacDonald, Chief Product Officer at NonLinear Objects, is a long-time consumer technologist having worked for several Silicon Valley and San Francisco-based startups over the past three decades which have included Tandem Computers, General Magic, Logica, and Yellowpages.com.

Both are passionate about technology with strong philosophies that technology should be used for good to bring people together and make our world a better, more positive place.