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Press Release:

Pieces Media Developers First Project
Our News Pieces Is Available Online

Pieces Media Developers Announces that its first project our news pieces is completed and available online right now for all to use. Our News Pieces is an online news and open e-newspaper site for all where people from around the world can play the role of the reporter and editor by publishing news they deem news worthy about issues that they consider to be important by them self’s it is a form of do it yourself PR and journalism, they can write articles also people can share their experience by telling stories. This news media development aims to build a community of reliable crowd news sources from around the world. Our News Pieces is part of a consecutive series of media platforms, vehicles and tools developments that are being developed over time that are aimed to benefit the public worldwide.
About Our News Pieces Startup Project it is an easy to use news platform where people can register easily in and have access to the easy to use platform system they can start writing and publishing directly. It is a new concept for individual news sharing plus reversal of the traditional roles that governs the news and newspapers industries. Updates to the system will be carried out to protect the community that will formulate around this project.
Pieces Media Developers will start raising funds in the months to come through Indiegogo and other well-know famous crowd fundraising sites.
Pieces Media Developers: “We Hope That You Enjoy & Benefit From Our Creative Creations”

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Website: https://www.ournewspieces.com
Email: info@ournewsieces.com
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