At the Outdoor Book Club, we’re passionate about helping women discover their inner heroines. We believe that nature matters, & so do books. Ready to learn archery after reading the Hunger Games? Discover fly-fishing in the same rivers as Hemingway? Discuss Lean In around a campfire with seven of your colleagues (after a gourmet campfire meal)?

We make it easy for women to get outside their everyday lives and experience adventure in a safe, supportive and COMFORTABLE environment. Worried the outdoors will be difficult? That you won't sleep/will be cold/using the bathroom will be weird? We cater to women who want to be comfortable — our equipment is top-of-the-line, & many of our trips include indoor lodging.  We’ve designed an awesome (in the true sense of "awe") experience for our heroines so you can experience the best books, the best of nature and the best vision of yourself!