Peak Climbing in Nepal is so popular in the world that no where else in the earth can be found to be such a exciting places like Nepal, where you can have summit on the snow capped peaks and view the panoramic views of around.

Nepal is the home of the eight highest peaks of the world above 8000 meters and over 1300 peaks above 6,000 m. At present government has opened only 326 peaks for the purpose of expedition above 6,000m and additional 33 minor peaks have been designed as 'trekking peaks in Nepal. Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) allows the permission for summit between '18-22,000 ft'. The fee is payable based on the size of your group and the 'group' of the peak involved, but in recent days, it has become considerably easier to plan a trekking peak.

The table below set-out the names of the peaks, their heights and their locations.

To climb the summit, you need to have knowledge of ice-axe, crampons and rope usage. Moreover, you must be good in physical condition, as many peaks are above 6,000m, therefore, you must be able to be prepared for very cold temperatures, bad weather and the increased risk of altitude sickness.

The limited size of climbing group is 12, which is led by experienced guides registered with the NMA. The route is particularly planned to make sure of your safety and your best chances of success. Training will be given on climbing skills in which a basic understanding of climbing principles is required before attempting a peak.